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Trek Veterinary Surgery

Jeremiah D. Moorer, DVM, Diplomate ACVS

Services for PET OWNERS

Trek Vet TPLO Surgeries

Trek Veterinary Surgery’s team is expert at treating your dog’s knee injuries, limping and pain with TPLO and MPL surgery.

TPLO/MPL Surgery
TPLO Surgery
MPL Surgery

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Trek Vet Other Surgeries

Board Certified Veterinary Surgeon Dr, Jeremiah D. Moorer and his Trek Veterinary Surgery team help patients throughout the Colorado Front Range with many small animal surgeries.

Wound/PU/Foreign Body Surgeries
Mass Removal Surgery
Lap OVE/Pexy Surgery
Splenectomy Surgery
Amputation Surgery
Ex-lap Surgery

Trek Vet Orthopedic Surgeries

Trek Veterinary Surgery’s team is expert at treating your pet’s orthopedic pain and injuries.

Radius/Ulna FX Surgery
Femoral FX Surgery
Elbow Arthroscopy
Tibial FX Surgery
FHO Surgery
LFS Surgery

Trek Vet Surgeries

Trek Veterinary Surgery’s success, lead by Dr. Jeremiah Moorer, is backed by over 15 years of safe and professional veterinary surgery training, practice and ongoing study. Trek Vet not only knows what works when it comes to healing your pets and relieving their pain they also know what doesn’t work.

Contact Trek Veterinary Surgery or call them today and begin your pet’s healing.


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